Parkers Hoof Cavity Wax 250ml


Parkers hoof cavity wax is designed to fill/ protect vulnerable areas like cracks, crevice or cavities in the equines hoof wall, sole, white line  or frog. The wax seals the area protecting from debris whilst being antibacterial treating the infection within the hoof.
Colour: (White)
 •Eco soy wax: The wax seals the crack, cavity or crevices.
• Tea tree essential oil: A powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal. Known to treat bacteria.
The combined formula is designed to seal the crack, cavity or crevices while treating the bacteria within the vulnerable area to prevent the infection from getting worse while stopping dirt and more bacteria from getting in.
Make sure you thoroughly clean the area before applying the cavity wax.
Top tip once affected area is clean and dry don’t over fill the area only fill within the hoof as shown in images.
£12.99 for 250ml of Parkers hoof cavity hoof wax.
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