I started my farrier career at 16 years of age in 2006. I trained with a reputable farrier and went to Myerscough College which taught me a lot about the anatomy of horses’ feet and the whole horse. I then managed to get on the Welsh farrier team, competing for Wales when I was gifted to have rubbed shoulders with a few of the world champion farriers.

This was like gold dust for my trimming career regarding the balance of hooves due to conformation of horses and methods of trimming/shoeing. After this competition I went to work for a reputable farrier who had contracts with Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Without realizing this was the making of me deciding to change my career to barefoot, the reason being that I was fortunate enough to work with a lot of vets who taught me how much better barefoot was for horses’, ponies’ and donkeys’ hooves. From working with their equipment and acknowledging how much better the feet were once shoes came off some of them, I couldn’t ignore the strong feeling I had that the feet can manage fine barefoot if not better with the right diet, Environment and trimming management and also the right hoof care products.


I now have been working as an equine podiatrist since 2014 and have improved many hooves from transitioning to barefoot or already barefoot and managed to get them working completely barefoot and with the help of hoof boots.

I also have a lot of customers competing to a high level of dressage, cross country, long distance trekking, driving and much more. I have worked well with a lot of vets who are local to me to help with many hoof problems and I’m proud to say working as a team is definitely the best outcome. I am proud to say I have a good relationship with vets.

Since starting my career in 2006 I have always intended to introduce hoof products that we all value and need but have not yet been available so this is my next chapter creating Parkers equine hoof care products.

I realized very quickly how much better hooves were when a customer applies parkers hoof care products in-between visits. Parkers hoof care is a product that your equine hooves will respond well to and benefit from preventing/helping common issues like cracks or thrush ect.

Parkers hoof balm is made from 100% natural products and absorbs gently into your horse’s feet. It is not designed to leave a long lasting shine but to help maintain healthy hooves’ growth and flexibility whilst keeping bacteria at bay. The formula in this hoof balm show years of experience working with feet that has been tailored to promote healthy foot care.

I will continue to create natural hoof care products which will help our equines hooves which are easy to use and work well. 

All our products are tested vigorously by my self and professional riders, farriers, equine hoof care trimmers and vets.  

With a life time experience with horses from birth and 17 years working with feet from a farrier to equine podiatrist and having worked with world champion farriers, Dr farriers and well known vets. Plus having worked/ still working on high level equines I have put all my knowledge into how we can help hooves through trimming and hoof care products so rest assured you are in safe experienced hands. Please check out my shop and step into a positive hoof care journey. Also check out our reviews.

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